International Investing

Cyprus says much investor interest in troubled Co-op bank

Mar 30, 2018

The Cypriot government said Friday that it's ready to "tangibly support" the sale of the island nation's Cooperative Bank to private investors and to guarantee the security of deposits.

Maduro's cryptocurrency 'genius' once pushed US sanctions

Mar 19, 2018

A chief strategist of Venezuela's government-backed cryptocurrency is a former U.S. congressional intern, and he once organized protests against the same socialist administration he's now helping to circumvent U.S. financial sanctions

Stocks sink as technology rally fades; Qualcomm drops

Mar 13, 2018

US stocks fall as a seven-day rally for technology companies ends after President Donald Trump blocked Broadcom's effort to buy chipmaker Qualcomm

Marshall Islands creates its own virtual money to pay bills

Mar 3, 2018

The tiny Marshall Islands is creating its own digital currency in order to raise some hard cash to pay bills and boost the economy

Politics could matter to emerging-market investors this year

Mar 1, 2018

Emerging market funds may be due for more volatility this year with several high-profile elections looming on the calendar.

China stumbling on path to Olympic glory at 2022 home games

Feb 24, 2018

China is investing money and foreign know-how to win Olympic medals on home soil at the Winter Games in 2022, following a blueprint that worked spectacularly when Beijing hosted the Summer Games in 2008

Investors back Greek bond issue as bailout end approaches

Feb 8, 2018

Investors have bought strongly into a bond issue designed to help wean Greece off its international rescue loan program, in what officials see as an endorsement of efforts to right the country's battered economy

Why are investors so jittery? Stocks look expensive

Feb 7, 2018

The economy is expanding, companies are handing out bonuses, borrowing rates are low, and corporate earnings, a key ingredient of a healthy stock market, are rising

Businessman in ski resort fraud case agrees to pay $81M

Feb 3, 2018

Securities and Exchange Commission says Miami businessman accused of fraud involving foreign investors' money in Vermont ski area has agreed to pay back $81 million

The Latest: Vermont governor thankful for help in fraud case

Feb 3, 2018

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott expresses appreciation for US Securities & Exchange Commission's work investigating Miami businessman and ski resort owner who has agreed to pay back $81 million he was accused of using illegally